We ask our alumni of The Manufacturer Top 100, to play a vital role in working for positive change in the sector. After being admitted to a Top 100 cohort of extraordinary people, nominees are automatically signed up to what we call the Top 100 Pledge. There are two key elements to the pledge that we ask individuals to commit to: 

  • Nominate two individuals for The Manufacturer Top 100 in the following year 
  • Write an article for The Manufacturer or agree to be interviewed.  

We would also hope the alumni use their newfound status to undertake further positive activities. Not every Top 100 member will be in a position to do many, or possibly even all, of these. But please use them as a spur to thinking about how you can bring positive change in other ways. 

Possible activities: 

  • Become a STEM ambassador 
  • Open factory doors to schools, colleges, universities and the local community  
  • Join The Manufacturer’s Editorial Board if invited 
  • Host a stand at a career fair 
  • Join us at one of The Manufacturer’s events, or even better – take a speaking slot! 
  • Take on an apprentice or become a mentor to a young manufacturer