Entry Information


  • Your nominee must represent one or more of the judging categories.
  • Your nominee/s must have an active role in a company with manufacturing operations in the UK.
  • Individuals should feel free to nominate themselves.
  • Individuals cannot be part of The Manufacturer Top 100 three years running.
  • Please inform your nominee that you have voted for him/her and please ensure you provide valid contact details for them.
  • Your nomination should contain factual evidence to back up your reasons for their submission. If an individual has increased turnover provide a figure; if they are passionate about apprenticeships and training give an example; and if someone is a diversity champion reference the bodies they are affiliated with to achieve this.

"Being included in the Manufacturer Top100 was a real highlight of last year. It was fantastic just to be nominated, but when I arrived at the event in Liverpool and saw all the fantastic people who had been nominated as well, it was really something special."

Gerard Shields, Printpool Additive Manufacturing

Why enter?

Being a member of The Manufacturer Top 100 means you are recognised for your outstanding achievements in manufacturing and are profiled publicly in celebration, both in the printed publication and on the website, and in the regional and business press.

Top 100 individuals are presented with a trophy and their own copy of the report on the launch evening. Plus, they receive lifetime VIP passes to The Manufacturer Summit events.

They also become lifelong members of a 800-strong community of movers and shakers.

Key Dates


Q: How do I enter?

A: Via the form on the website, or by clicking here: You have between the 15 March to the 19 August to enter.

Q: When do nominations open?

A: Tuesday 15th March

Q: Can I nominate myself?

A: Yes, you can nominate yourself

Q: When do nominations close?

A: August 19th 2022

Q: Can I nominate someone who has already been included in a previous year?

A: You can, but not if they featured in the most recent three years. For example, if they were in The Manufacturer Top 100 2019, they can only be nominated again for The Manufacturer Top 100 2022. Your nomination must say what they have achieved since their nomination.

Q: Can I nominate more than one person in the same company?

A: Yes, but we only shortlist a maximum of 5 individuals within the same company

Q: Are there any fees involved to make a nomination?

A: No – there are no fees involved in any part of The Manufacturer Top 100

Q: Can I nominate myself or a colleague for more than one category?

A: Yes, you can nominate yourself/a colleague for as many categories as you believe you qualify for.

Q: I have nominated someone – when will I be notified if my nominee has been shortlisted

A: If your nominee has been shortlisted as a Top 100 in manufacturing figure, you will be notified in September. If you do not receive notification, then your nominee has not made the list this time.

Q: Where is the ceremony held?

A: In the Exhibition Centre Liverpool on the 16 November 2022

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Suits and cocktail dresses.

Q: What time does the ceremony start and finish?

A: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

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