The Judging Process

Entries are submitted via the online form. The panel of judges will assess  the entries against the  judging criteria, using their professional expertise and the quality of the nomination. The judges will also pick out potential exemplars.

It is important to note that this is not about how powerful the individual is, but about their personal contribution to the company and/or the sector, and that the size of that contribution may differ drastically from nominee to nominee.

The judges will then meet face to face to confirm the finalists and select all the exemplars.

The Judging Criteria

The top 1%? The judges will be looking for someone who is:
  • Pushing the game forward
  • Excelling in a particular field
  • Doing things differently
  • Making a real difference in the industry, company, or the wider world
  • Going over and above their day jobs


Focus on the last 12-18 months:
  • The judges will be looking for someone who has gone above and beyond in the last 12-18 months

NB! You can’t nominate an individual if they have made the Top 100 list within the last 3 years


Diversity and geographical spread:
  • The judges will ensure the list represents the manufacturing industry as a whole and when judging they will be taking into consideration:
    • Fair gender and BAME representation
    • Geographical location

“Having the chance to meet some of the other members of the Top 100, reading their stories and learning how they’ve got to where they are really shows the manufacturing is an illustrious gang of people, from a range of sectors, who are all doing wonderful things.”

Katy Davies, CamdenBoss

2022 Judges